The (STEM)2 Network

Sustainable, Transformative Engagement across a Multi-Institution/Multidisciplinary STEM Network

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023 (New Participants)

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Two of our Co-PI's Discuss the Network


The (STEM)2 Network focuses on the pivotal role of faculty in restructuring undergraduate STEM education with the mission of providing an equitable and inclusive system for all students.


The overarching goals for the Network are to:

    1. Enhance undergraduate STEM education by promoting new and strengthening existing collaborations among biology, chemistry, and math faculty at two- and four-year institutions; and

    2. Support faculty in transforming undergraduate STEM education from within the current system.


To achieve these goals, the Network’s activities:

    1. Promote collaboration between two- and four-year institutions through inter-institutional Working Groups;

    2. Create enduring pedagogical collaborations across STEM disciplines through interdisciplinary institutional groups; and

    3. Empower individual faculty to create change in and beyond their classrooms.

Three Foundational Frameworks

Areas of Focus

Four areas of focus emerged from Network participants - each tackling undergraduate STEM education from different perspectives. Participants self-select into multidisciplinary, multi-institution Working Groups to develop projects related to their area of interest.

Institutional Systems

To identify and utilize leverage points with the greatest impact on STEM higher education

Interdisciplinary Teaching

To create interdisciplinary collaborations and assess the impacts of explicitly interdisciplinary teaching approaches

Transfer Pathways

To address the specific challenges faced by transfer students

Access to Undergraduate Research

To explore and develop interventions to create more equitable and inclusive access to undergraduate research.

Peer Engagement

To develop peer-level systems that support students and faculty.

Contact Us

Alison Hyslop, St. John's University:

Jessica Santangelo, Hofstra University:

Eugenia Villa-Cuesta, Adelphi University:

Lawrence Hobbie, Adelphi University:

Jacqueline Lee, Nassau Community College:

Peter Novick, Queensborough Community College:

NSF Funded

The (STEM)2 Network is funded by a $500,000 NSF Research Coordination Network - Undergraduate Biology Education award (#2121495).